With the emergence of live-streaming presenters

  1. The rise of new official media

Before we get started, let’s have a brief introduction of today’s heroes for those of you who have never tasted melons.

New media, network talent, traffic star

Ding Zhen, recently because of a sunny handsome video and suddenly popular Tibetan guy.

After he became popular, he was signed by local authorities to become a tourism ambassador in litang, Sichuan province, a “state-owned enterprise employee” earning 3,500 yuan a month.

At the same time, I cooperated with the local authorities to publicize the beautiful scenery and tourist attractions of my hometown, and at the same time, I practiced my writing and read books with the support of the local government.How hot is he right now?Sometimes four hot searches a day.

The other leading role is Wang Bingbing.

Wang Bingbing is a CCTV host, professional standard, coupled with super high level of appearance and known to the public.

Her interview video, on the Internet is basically this style of painting.

What’s more interesting is that after Wang Bingbing became famous, CCTV seems to have mastered the code of wealth, and let her go to interview more and give lectures in youth lecture hall, so as to play a role of traffic to lead people to learn more about various kinds of news.

There is also a main character, is your old acquaintance, Sa Beining.

What I noticed was a conversation between him and his colleagues, who can enter CCTV, but is not the first?

Wang Bingbing, Sa Beining, and his elite colleagues, behind these different roles, are actually the same trend.

That is, the new generation of state media, after the restructuring of the media, younger adjustment, to adapt to the Internet era, began to regain the position of public opinion.Sa Beining, Wang Bingbing and previous CCTV anchors are all part of this trend.

In fact, just look at Sa Beining this dialogue, you can intuitively feel the reality that there are a lot of elites in CCTV.

In the past few years, due to the lack of shelf, may not adapt to the network, THE transmission of CCTV is small, so in order to flow in order to public attention, often need and flow star cooperation, to attract young people.

But now, with the emergence of live-streaming presenters like Wang Bingbing Sa Beining, state media are able to drive their own traffic and get people to pay attention to the news.

The significance of Ding Zhen is that he has opened a new way of thinking for local media outside CCTV.

I can’t hatch a web celebrity host like sa beining wang bing in my own TV station, but I can collect the grassroots people who explode fire locally?

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  • He opened up a new way of thinking for local media other than CCTV

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