Japan’s decision to discharge nuclear sewage into the sea

[Global Network Report] On April 15, the Korean Central News Agency published a commentary saying that at present, Japan intends to bring a new catastrophe to human beings who are being baptized by the global new crown epidemic.

The comment stated that on the 13th, the Japanese government decided to discharge a large amount of nuclear sewage generated during the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant into the sea despite the strong opposition of the international community. This is an intolerable crime that seriously threatens human health and safety and the ecological environment. It is yet another example of exposing Japan’s brazen and bandit nature.

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The commentary wrote that the 2011 major earthquake and tsunami hit Fukushima, causing successive explosions at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, producing a large amount of nuclear sewage. The content of radioactive substances in nuclear sewage such as tritium, cesium, and strontium far exceeds the standard. In recent years, the Japanese government has stored a large amount of nuclear sewage generated every day in tanks, but as the storage capacity has become “saturated”, Japan has repeatedly stated that it wants to discharge nuclear sewage into the sea, which may be strongly opposed by the international community and hesitate Undecided. Nowadays, the Japanese government has made a formal decision to discharge it into the sea, advertised heavily that nuclear sewage, which is seriously harmful, is “purified water” that has been filtered Japan’s decision to discharge nuclear sewage into the sea.

The commentary warned that if the Japanese government discharges nuclear sewage called radioactive waste into the sea, the large number of hazardous substances contained in it will spread from the fast-current Fukushima coast to most of the Pacific Ocean within tens of days, not only destroying it. The commonwealth of mankind-the ecological environment of the blue ocean, and will cause serious danger to the health and survival of people in coastal areas. What’s more, for North Korea, which faces Japan across the sea, this is a major issue related to the safety of the North Korean people.

The KCNA stated that Japan’s actions have once again clearly exposed that it is its own selfishness, and it does not care about threatening mankind and destroying the global ecological environment, the mastermind, and the nature of rare gangsters. Japan should face up to the North Korean people’s indignation towards Japan and must immediately cancel the relevant decision.