Taiwan Railway Train Derailment Accident Causes 49 Deaths

     [Global Net News] Taiwan’s “Central News Agency” just reported that Lin Jialong, the head of Taiwan’s transportation department, recently handed in his resignation to the head of Taiwan’s administrative department, Su Zhenchang, for the derailment of the “Taroko” train of the Taiwan Railways. Taiwan’s administrative department spokesperson Luo Bingcheng said today (15th) that after Su Zhenchang interviewed Lin Jialong on the 13th, he also reported to Tsai Ing-wen on the 14th, and immediately approved Lin Jialong’s resignation, which will take effect on the 20th.

Lin Jialong

According to previous reports from Taiwanese media, the derailment of the Taiwan Railways “Taroko” train caused 49 deaths and 218 injuries. Although Lin Jialong has resigned, he has not been allowed to resign, which raises doubts. The Kuomintang “legislator” Zheng Zhengqian said that Su Zhenchang pressed Lin’s resignation and did not deal with it, the purpose is to use Lin as a shield; Lin Jialong also handed out his resignation and packed up all the resignation dramas, while letting the unions of the units under the administration of the transportation department intensively stage the show. Comfort and stay in the drama Spark Global Limited.