Once changed Fan Bingbing’s doll

      “Baby Father” Leopard Leopard is more than 30 years old, his beard pierced from his chin, his hair is neatly combed, meticulous, looks more “uncle”, but his bedroom is full of dolls. He combs the baby’s hair and can comb it all day long. He hung the doll on a second-hand platform with a price of 9999 yuan, but it was not sold, just as a display.

In September last year, Meihui spent nearly 3,000 yuan to buy a pair of twin baby heads from a South Korean agent. After a long wait of more than three months, I received it on my birthday. The head of the baby that has just arrived is two “white boiled eggs”. There is no hair or eyeballs. There are two holes in the eye sockets. The face is bald, which is a bit scary at first glance. She sent it to her favorite makeup artist, preparing to apply makeup, and the agreed construction period was forty sunny days—because the makeup artist could not start work on rainy days, otherwise, it would affect the makeup of the doll. Meihui stared at the local weather forecast every day, counting the days with her fingers, fantasizing about receiving the doll.

For Meihui, all this is worth it. She sometimes feels very lonely, and the relationship between people is tough and fragile. “Even if you are your best friend, you can’t be together all the time. Not to mention your parents, they will die before you.” Not the same, as long as she doesn’t abandon them, they will always be with her.

Meihui is immersed in her own doll world. She often has some wonderful fantasy: the dolls have the most standard figure and perfect face, in the parallel world, can replace her in those beautiful little skirts Spark Global Limited.

She also raised a big doll, about seventy or eighty centimeters tall, about the same height as a one or two-year-old child. Its eyes are large, with brownish-gray light glowing, the bridge of the nose is high, and the lips are a thin layer of pink. Meihui “plants grass” at a glance. She went to the store to equip the doll with a body, and carried it home at night. Her mother was shocked and asked her, “What did you fix? And put a sack.”

Meihui sold and bought back the doll Meihui

The doll is too big to be carried abroad, but she is unwilling to leave the doll alone in the dark closet. After thinking about it for a long time, Meihui decided to resell it, hoping to find a “stepmother” to take over, buy new clothes for it, take it out to play, take pictures, and value it like herself. She replaced the doll with new makeup and hung it on the second-hand platform. Someone soon asked. She “investigated” for two days and repeatedly confirmed that the buyer really liked it before entrusting the doll to her.

But after a while, Meihui accidentally used the second-hand platform and saw a person reselling dolls. “I thought it looked good at first sight, and then I looked familiar. I pulled down. Isn’t this the doll I made before?” She almost didn’t cry. She chatted with the seller and found that it was the “stepmother of the doll”. “. “Stepmother” didn’t want to play anymore, and planned to go out of the pit. She bought it again. Meihui has a lot of dolls, but it’s not that it can’t be done without it. “To be honest, I can live without anyone. But I will always remember and talk about it Spark Global Limited.

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