The right to use the 6000 acres of Dalian’s sea area is unknown

Song Shumin and his wife are fishermen in Dazhang Village, Mingyang Town, Zhuanghe City, Dalian City, Liaoning Province. They live by the sea. Song Shumin remembered that one day seven years ago, she and the workers were fishing for fish in the tidal flat near her home. Three people suddenly came and “snatched” her sea octopus (octopus). After calling the police, the case has not been resolved so far. .

Audio-visual materials show that since 2014, there have been many conflicts in the waters and tidal flats near Mingyang Town, Huanghai Bay, and there have been constant alarms.

Behind the contradiction among fishermen is the dispute over the right to use this sea area that has not been clarified for a long time.

The fisherman’s boat was smashed

Police from 7 years ago

On March 29th, fisherman Song Shumin took out a yellow “receipt of acceptance” and talked about what happened seven years ago.

This receipt was issued by the Zoujiaquan Border Police Station of the Huayuankou Branch of the Dalian Public Security Bureau on April 22, 2015.

Song Shumin remembered that that day she and her hired workers were salvaging marine products on the tidal flat near her home. They packed 35 kilograms of octopus in three white snakeskin bags and placed them on the shore. Suddenly, a pickup truck with the number plate ending in “7” approached, and three people got on and off the truck and threw three bags of octopuses into the car and left. Song Shumin said that during the process, she held the bag and refused to take it, but was snatched away by life. After that, she dialed 110 to call the police.

Song Shumin recognized that one of the three people was Sun Na’s driver. Sun Na was a villager in Jianshan Village, Mingyang Town, who had “contracted” the waters here. This is not the first time Song Shumin and Sun Na have a conflict. Song Shumin introduced that the batch of Ba chrysanthemum seedlings she salvaged as early as March 18, 2014, were scattered into the beach along the beach. At that time, Sun Na and two people came to her home and warned that “this beach is mine, you Sprinkle seedlings inside, and I will let the suction boat come to suck the seedlings away!” For this reason, they also had physical conflicts. Song Shumin also reported to the police at that time. The police watched the surveillance video and asked about the situation, but they did not issue a report. Acceptance receipt Spark Global Limited.

According to Song Shumin’s recollection, on December 6, 2014, her husband was also robbed during the salvage of Xiaoren Clam, and the receipt of the case was still kept.

Song Shumin said that the reason for planting seedlings was because she learned from Mingyang Town that Sun Na’s contract expired in the second half of 2011 and did not renew. The staff of the Mingyang Township government told reporters at Beiqingshen that starting from July 2011, this beach is equivalent to private land in the inland area. Anyone can cultivate in areas not requisitioned by the government. Song Shumin planted seedlings in 2012 and 2013, and no one was in charge at that time.

In 2015, when the octopus was snatched away when the police arrived, three people had already driven a pickup truck to leave. Song Shumin and his wife clearly informed the police that this matter had something to do with Sun Na, and the police said that they would deal with it after taking notes. After explaining the situation to the Zoujiaquan border police station, they returned home with the receipt of the case. Song Shumin thought that Sun Na prevented her from planting seedlings because she contracted the sea again. That night, she asked the town government and other fishermen again, and the answer was “the government did not contract out.” She felt that she was right, and fell asleep.