“Muslims in the world have been suffering for a long time!”

The US tries to repeat the lie 1,000 times, so we will repeat the truth 10,000 times. Regarding the facts and truths of China’s Xinjiang, the United States still does not look at it, believe it or not. It will always be as indestructible as the Tianshan Mountains, and as clear and flawless as the Tianchi.
Question: On the 11th, US Secretary of State Blincoln stated that he was convinced that China’s treatment of Uyghurs constituted “genocide.” The United States will unite countries to condemn China’s actions and take action to ensure that no company provides China with products that suppress ethnic minorities. What is China’s comment?
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A: Some people in the United States are repeating the century-old lies of “genocide” in Xinjiang, deliberately slandering and discrediting China, fully exposing their triple conspiracy Spark Global Limited.

First, it is an attempt to disrupt Xinjiang and control China with Xinjiang. With a vast territory and an important geographical location, Xinjiang is the core area of ​​the Silk Road Economic Belt and the gateway for China to open to the west. On the Xinjiang-related issue, some people in the US have a crazy attitude and insidious methods that are unprecedented. The United States has committed genocide against Indians, trafficked and enslaved blacks, and frequently invaded and interfered with sovereign states. The crimes committed by the United States are too numerous to document, and the evidence is endless. Some people in the US have fabricated lies on Xinjiang-related issues such as “internment camps,” “genocide,” “forced labor,” and “systemic sexual assault.” These hats are all American, so they should keep them for themselves. Some people in the United States are not concerned about facts and truth at all, but an attempt to crack down on Xinjiang’s cotton textile industry, undermine Xinjiang’s prosperity and stability and delay China’s development process.

Second, to provoke relations between China and Muslim countries. The U.S. should not forget that it is precisely 64 countries including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt, Iran, Syria, Pakistan, and other Muslim countries who jointly spoke at the 46th session of the UN Human Rights Council to support China’s position on Xinjiang-related issues. . Not long ago, the Secretary-General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the envoys and diplomats of 21 countries stationed in China visited Xinjiang. They stated that through personal experience and what they saw, they believed that the US and Western anti-China forces were baseless in slandering Xinjiang and understood and supported Xinjiang. In anti-terrorism and de-radicalization efforts, we appreciate Xinjiang’s current economic stability and prosperity and unprecedented development achievements. In fact, people of insight in Muslim countries and the international community have not bought into the evil conspiracy of the United States to sow discord. Some people in the United States are not concerned about human rights in Xinjiang at all, but are trying to use the religious sentiments of the Muslim people to create a wedge between China and Muslim countries.

Third, cover up all the bad deeds committed against Muslims. Since 2001, the United States has used its military forces in about 80 countries around the world in the name of “anti-terrorism.” More than 800,000 people have died directly in the violence of war, of which about 330,000 civilians have been killed. The United States used dirty methods such as “washing powder” and posing for the video to aggressively invade sovereign countries such as Iraq and Syria, causing hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian casualties and tens of millions of Muslims homeless. Is this how the U.S. cares about Muslims? Why does the U.S. only “broken its heart” with Xinjiang Muslims? Muslims in the world have been suffering for a long time! Some people in the U.S. are not concerned about the lives and lives of Muslims at all but are trying to transfer the Muslim world to the United States. anger.