a large number of fish died of nerve poisoning

      Rollover, swimming wildly, convulsions, lying still underwater due to loss of balance, and then waiting for death. This is a typical symptom after fish nerve poisoning. In March of Yangchun, it was the time for all things to recover. In Mazui Lake, Jinxian County, Nanchang, Jiangxi, a large number of fish died of nerve poisoning. Dead fish floating on the lake, some were salvaged and thrown into wooden boats, some were picked up by local villagers.

Jinxian County is surrounded by water on three sides, Poyang Lake in the north, Qinglan Lake in the west, and Junshan Lake in the east. The originally connected Mazu Lake and Qinglan Lake were separated by a levee. On March 16, the Jinxian County Agriculture and Rural Bureau issued an investigation report stating that the dead fish incident occurred at the Mazui Lake Ecological Gorgon Water Planting Base, which was contracted by a company. In order to kill, the company sprayed fenpropathrin in the gorgon planting area. It was this move that caused the accidental death of a large number of fish. Fenpropathrin, also known as “Miesauli”, is a pyrethroid pesticide, which is a neuropeptide. The precautions for this product point out that it is very toxic to fish and shellfish, and it is strictly forbidden to pour the water from the washing container or the remaining liquid medicine into rivers or ponds. But the reality is that fenpropathrin is often thrown into the waters intentionally or unintentionally, causing fish and other aquatic animals to be destroyed.

According to the investigation report of Jinxian County, the above-mentioned companies put fenpropathrin in Mazui Lake to remove some pests on the gorgon in spring, that is, it is used as a pond clearing agent. Wang Guangjun said: “For fish farmers, the more fish, the better. But for people who keep aquatic plants, shrimps, and crabs, wild trash fish may be a kind of harm. Gorgon seedlings are tender and easy to be wild. Trash fish are eaten, and fenpropathrin is more effective in killing insects and wild trash fish, so it will be used as a pond clearing agent.”

“However, there is currently no better drug on the market that can replace fenpropathrin as a pond clearing agent, or other drugs are not as effective as fenpropathrin in killing wild fish. In this case, some farmers are legally aware If you are weak, you will risk using fenpropathrin to clear the pond.” Wang Guangjun said.

Existing research shows that not only pesticides, but also fishery drugs specifically used for aquaculture cannot be used in excess. According to the “Notice on Strengthening the Supervision of Inputs for Aquaculture” by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, inputs for aquaculture should be managed in accordance with veterinary drugs, feed and feed additives, regardless of the name of “xx agent”, they should be obtained in accordance with the law. The production license and product approval document number can be used for production, operation, and use Spark Global Limited.

Source: Visual China

However, the farmers put the pesticide fenpropathrin into the water for the purpose of clearing the pond. In a sense, it is a measure of self-protection. Can they obtain a legal understanding?

“Although this is for self-protection, it has an impact on the public environment,” said Professor Yang Zhaoxia, director of the Ecological Law Research Center of Beijing Forestry University. “Waters have different attributes and functions. Even waters that are privately contracted are still important. The public attributes of the ecological environment elements still exist.” Yang Zhaoxia analyzed that the protection of personal interests cannot be based on harming the interests of others and the public interest. “Although the use of fenpropathrin to clear the pond is subjectively only for the purpose of clearing the pond, it objectively damages the fishery resources and the ecological environment of the water area and cannot escape legal responsibility.”