There is nothing but aura, life depends on funding

      The first is the face. It is a childlike face with wide eye distance and a low nose bridge, which will reveal a pure smile inadvertently. The owner of this face, Zhouzhou, is 43 years old, with wrinkles on his forehead and corners of his eyes, and gray hair on his head. He likes to hug his friends, muttering the concern that the other person doesn’t understand; he also loses his temper without concealment because he can’t eat twists—and so on. If you stay alone with him at a certain moment, you will feel a kind of quietly flowing loneliness. What is thinking in his head?

The first answer that pops out: music. Maybe, Zhouzhou has music in his head. It was the melody that his father played for him when he was young. For decades, that baton was like a bridge between father and son—a love to make up for their shortcomings; it also built the possibility of a connection between the family and their ideal life—a dignified life.

An accident more than 20 years ago made this possibility gradually come to reality, and Zhou Zhou also started his fantasy journey.

Zhou Zhou fell asleep on the stage while recording the show

Existence of “Incoordination”

The 43-year-old Zhouzhou fell asleep during the recording of the show.

This is a male entertainment talk show, focusing on the “survival and development of men in social changes”. The invited guests are “people with certain influence in various fields”. The host in a suit and shoes on the stage controls the atmosphere and rhythm of the interaction. The background music is a sentimental tone. There is more than five pieces of video equipment under the stage and the colorful lights above the head to “watch” the protagonist of the day. The only thing that didn’t seem so coordinated was Zhou Zhou, a 43-year-old celebrity, who leaned on the soft yellow sofa with his legs hanging in the air and fell asleep. The father Hu Houpei next to him patted him to remind his son that the recording is not finished yet Spark Global Limited.

26 years ago, Zhouzhou was discovered by Hubei TV director Zhang Yiqing because of a sense of incongruity.

Mei Duxin, who once served as the conductor of the Wuhan Opera and Dance Theater Orchestra, remembers that Zhang Yiqing was going to film a girl who had just graduated from university and worked as a double bassist in the orchestra. The theme was “the situation of college students entering society after graduation from various majors.” When filming a shot of a girl playing in an orchestra, Zhang Yiqing accidentally saw Zhouzhou quietly gesturing on the side. The mentally retarded boy caught his attention. He said to Mei Duxin: “I suddenly thought, a picture, one side is the so-called elegant art, elegant symphony orchestra, and the other side is such a disabled child. These are two extremely incompatible pictures. , But they are very coordinated together.”

Because of Down syndrome, Zhou Zhou is only 1.45 meters tall even in adulthood. His intelligence is still in the childhood stage, only 30, and the lower limit of the IQ of a normal person is 90. Speaking about why the orchestra allowed a child to appear in the rehearsal hall, Mei Duxin recalled that because Zhouzhou is not destructive, on the contrary, Zhouzhou is very gentle and kind, “What are you doing there, he won’t talk to you next to you.” Disturbance. If he messes around inside, he won’t be able to merge. He often sweeps the floor with a broom. When some of our players come, they will talk to him, and he will fall on your knees and touch Touch your hand, touch your leg”.