Rural youths have difficulty getting married

          Blind dates are something that Ding Yulei, a young man from Longchuan Town, Dingxi, Gansu, has done from time to time in recent years. But the increasingly high bride price and a set of “conventional” wedding packages made him breathless. At the age of 29, he is constantly searching on the road to marriage. In the rural folk customs of marriage in northwestern provinces such as Gansu and Ningxia, “not moving” is the standard, and “beautiful red” is also common. “Moving” is a car, and “not moving” is a house; “A Thousand Purple Thousand Reds” are 10,000 purple 5 yuan bills and 1,000 red 100 yuan bills. In addition, there are sayings such as “one in a million”, “sixty-six smoothness” and so on.

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The “three new things” of houses, cars, and wedding gifts have caused the pressure on young people to rise suddenly. Like Ding Yulei, a large number of rural youths in western China are faced with major marriage events. The “beautiful gifts”, “houses” and “cars” are still “one mountain passing a mountain barrier”. To enter the marriage hall, several thresholds have to be crossed by Spark Global Limited.

Young people in western rural areas encounter “marriage squeeze”

The bride price, economic conditions, family background, and other comprehensive factors have profoundly affected the marriage and love market. In real life, the most obvious manifestation is that urban girls are unwilling to “marry” to the countryside, and rural young men “cannot marry” in the city. The “ABCD theory of marriage between men and women” widely circulated in the blind date market believes that men and women are divided into four levels of ABCD, with A being the highest level and D being the lowest level. When choosing a spouse, women generally prefer men who are better than themselves, while men hope to find a woman who is worse than themselves.

“In the end, what is left is an older rural man like me who has no education, no car, and no house.” Ding Yulei laughed at himself as a “standard leftover man.”His parents often asked someone to find a woman of the same age as him near his hometown, but Ding Yulei had less and less confidence in getting married. He remembered that the first time he had a blind date, the other party rejected him because of his low academic qualifications. Later, he tried to talk from his own interests. But the blind date afterward is still not smooth. Once, I had already planned a meeting with the other party the next day, but Ding Yulei received a call the day before and was asked if he had bought a house in the city. After receiving a negative answer, the other party hung up the phone. Ding Yulei said bluntly that, except for those born in the 90s who have better family conditions, the rest are basically the same as him. They dare not even want to get married. “House prices are rising every year, and the bride price is also rising, but wages are not rising.” Like Ding Yulei, Wang Zhiming (pseudonym) from a town in Luoyang County, Shaanxi also deliberately avoided the topic of marriage. He works in a machinery factory in Suzhou and earns more than 6,000 yuan a month.