Survivors of the Chicheng explosion accident in Hebei

Jimu News reporter Liu Qin reports from Chicheng, Hebei

On April 7, Hebei Chicheng County Anchen Security Blasting Service Co., Ltd. exploded unexpectedly when Yinda Mining Company destroyed civilian explosives. The accident caused 3 injuries and 9 deaths (Jimu News previously reported continuously). Mr. Zhang was one of the three wounded. In the three-bed ward, two beds have been vacated. Mr. Zhang told Jimu News that the other two wounded who were sent to the hospital with him were in more serious condition than him, but they were not life-threatening. They have been transferred to Zhangjiakou. A hospital in the city. “They are closer to the explosion center than I am, and their injuries are relatively more serious, but none of them is life-threatening. One of them has lost a lot of skin on his arm.” Mr. Zhang said.

On Mr. Zhang’s right face, there was a wound about 6 cm long and 1 cm wide. “The head still hurts a bit, and my ears are buzzing, making it hard to hear.”

Mr. Zhang said that he is an escort of a dangerous goods transport vehicle and has worked for Anchen Security Blasting Service Co., Ltd. for more than 10 years. On April 7, he received a notice to go to Yinda Mining Company’s mining area to transport the remaining explosives and detonators. At 2 o’clock in the afternoon of the same day, he and the driver of the class drove an empty car to the destination.

“I haven’t been to this mine for more than a year. I didn’t expect an accident at all.” Mr. Zhang said. At about 5:17 in the afternoon, a violent shock wave hit him behind him and instantly fell to the ground.

“I didn’t hear any sound at the time. I didn’t react until 20 seconds later. The wound on my face should have been scratched by flying stones.” Mr. Zhang said. At that time, he stood up with difficulty and walked out immediately, almost 5 minutes later. , He heard a violent loud noise again. “It’s an explosion, there have been at least two sounds Spark Global Limited.”

Chicheng County People’s Hospital

After learning that all the 9 people who lost contact had been killed, Mr. Zhang was very sad. “They are all colleagues who have worked with me for many years. There are people in their 30s and 40s, and the oldest ones should be in their 50s.” By now, he couldn’t confirm who died Spark Global Limited.

Mr. Zhang said that he did not know how many people were in the mining area at the time, but his colleagues at the company all went to this place that day. On the day of the incident, Mr. Zhang was taken to Chicheng County People’s Hospital. He said that in the past two days, he was lying in the hospital bed and would often think of this scene when the incident happened. Fortunately, he was some distance away from the explosion point.

“I’m really lucky.” Mr. Zhang said this sentence three times within 20 minutes. Having survived the explosion accident, Mr. Zhang said that he will be 60 years old in a year, and he will be at the age of retirement. “I don’t know if the company will continue to open, and there are not many people in the company.”