The United States says it is ready to lift sanctions on Iran

      According to Reuters, on the 7th local time, the US State Department held a press conference stating that the US is preparing to lift sanctions on Iran in order to restore the Iran Nuclear Agreement (JCPOA). The US State Department stated that the sanctions to be lifted include related content that is inconsistent with the Iranian nuclear agreement, but the content did not provide specific details and did not disclose the time when the sanctions were lifted.

“We are ready to take the necessary steps to restore compliance with the Iran nuclear agreement, including the removal of sanctions that are inconsistent with the Iran nuclear agreement. But I can’t explain to you what these measures maybe.” US State Department spokesperson Price said.

On the 6th, a meeting of relevant parties to the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue was held in Vienna, the capital of Austria. After the meeting, many parties said that the meeting was “constructive.” Russia’s Permanent Representative to the International Organization in Vienna, Ulyanov, said that the United States and Iran indicated that the two countries are willing to resume the Iran nuclear agreement, and there was no direct conflict during the talks. According to a report from Iran’s semi-official media Tasnim News Agency on the 7th, Iranian President Rouhani said at a cabinet meeting that after all participants reached a consensus, the Iran nuclear agreement opened a new chapter.

“Today, people have heard a unified voice because all parties involved in the Iranian nuclear agreement have come to the conclusion that there is no better solution than the Iranian nuclear agreement, and there is no other way apart from the full implementation of the Iranian nuclear agreement. .” Rouhani described this breakthrough as “Iran’s major success” and said that starting on the 6th, a new chapter has begun, and they are witnessing a return to a new era of nuclear agreements. Rouhani also said that if the United States shows seriousness and sincerity, “then we can negotiate with the ‘4+1’ group in a short period of time.”

He added that the United States clearly recognizes that its maximum pressure policy has ended in failure and will no longer work. From Iran’s point of view, this is a kind of “repentance” of the United States, but Iran will also test whether it is “sincerely” based on the actual actions of the United States. This also explains to the world the peaceful nature of Iran’s nuclear activities. Price said on the 6th that although the US did not have a direct dialogue with Iran this time, the meeting was still a constructive step. He also stated that the United States rejects Iran’s position that the United States should first lift all sanctions against Iran, but is open to direct dialogue with Iran Spark Global Limited.

Ambassador Wang Qun, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations in Vienna, who attended the meeting pointed out on the 6th that the unilateral withdrawal of the former US government from the comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue and extreme pressure on Iran is the root cause of the continued tension in the Iranian nuclear situation. “Unlocking the bell still has to tie the bell.” The US cancels all unlawful unilateral sanctions and returns to the comprehensive agreement as soon as possible. This is the key to cracking the current Iranian nuclear situation. The decision of the new US administration to return to the comprehensive agreement is the right choice. According to a statement issued by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the 6th, the first dialogue held in Vienna ended and all parties agreed to continue consultations at the expert level.

The expert-level meeting will be held on Friday, 9th of this month. Panel members will work on the “sanctions” and the “Iranian nuclear program.”