Protesters from all walks of life in Italy staged

       China Media reported that Italy continued to implement strict control measures in April, leading to protest demonstrations in many places in the north and south. The only requirement of the protesters is: open immediately! Protesters from all over gather in Rome! The Italian House of Representatives nearly becomes a replica of “US Capitol Hill” According to reports from Italy’s “Evening Post”, Ansa News Agency, and “Repubblica”, in January this year, congressional riots occurred during the US presidential election. A large number of Trump supporters broke into the Capitol and caused riots. One of them dressed up. The man who became the “bullhead shaman” was even more popular. And yesterday (6th) afternoon, the Italian House of Representatives almost became a replica of the US Capitol.

On the same day, businessmen and catering professionals from all over the country who were dissatisfied with the government’s blockade measures gathered in Rome and held protest demonstrations in the square of the House of Representatives. In the crowd, there was also a protester dressed as a “bullhead shaman.”

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Hermes stated that he has participated in the “Io apron” (I want to open the door) catering industry protests since January 15 and has been open for business. “I received a subsidy of 3,200 euros from the government. But this is nothing compared to the loss. They (the government) asked us to spend 10,000 euros for safety rectification, and then they let us shut down completely. It is shameful.” Hermes also said that he had already done so. I received a lot of fines, “I don’t know how much I was fined, I won’t pay them anyway Spark Global Limited.”

Among the protesting crowd, Lorena, a 62-year-old woman who was kneeling in front of the cordon with tears, also received great attention. “My bar in Bologna now earns 1 euro an hour. I am here for me and my children.” Lorena said that she invested all her savings in the bar 15 years ago, but now she is completely desperate Up. She told the police: “I still respect the government, but they must listen to our voices. I just want to work.”

During the process, the protesters were emotional, and some even clashed with riot police, resulting in at least two police officers being injured. Dozens of people also tried to break through the police line and head to the Prime Minister’s Office next door to the House of Representatives. At the same time, Italian media pointed out that extreme right-wing organizations and virus deniers appeared in the protests. In the end, the police arrested 7 protesters, and the Italian Minister of the Interior Ramorgese also condemned the violence. Fortunately, the tension subsided after a few hours. Riot police also expressed understanding to the protesters, because most of the protesters had no intention of committing violence. Among them, the police took off their helmets to talk to the demonstrators and applauded their actions.

Protesting from south to north! Strange Naples protests against “pun intended”: only “underpants” are left for the poor In fact, a wave of protests is sweeping across the north and south of Italy-today, 15 crosses were placed on the Piazza del Popolo in Naples. Protesters say this represents 15 troubled economic areas; in Pistoia’s cathedral square, protesters symbolically set up an open-air market, but there is no merchandise to sell; Taranto (Taranto) On a square by the sea, protesters in yellow vests sat quietly; some non-food businessmen in Turin held up slogans “We are all necessities” on the streets Spark Global Limited.