Refined social governance

We will strengthen and make innovations in social governance, make social governance more refined, and build a system of social governance that is jointly built by the whole people and Shared by all.”Refinement of social governance” is not only a new requirement to improve the level of social governance, but also points out the direction of social governance innovation.

Nowadays, with the rapid development of urbanization, the differentiation of social structure and the diversification of interest demands have brought great challenges to the governance of urban public affairs.With the rapid development of new urbanization in China, population mobility between urban and rural areas and between regions has become more frequent, social structure has accelerated differentiation, and interest needs have become more diversified. The past extensive social management model has been unable to adapt to the new situation and new requirements of social governance.However, affected by the administrative areas of extensive management thinking, China’s local governments in the social governance also wont use general, fuzzy approach, show the management float to the surface, low degree of standardization, work does not reach the designated position, etc., lead to “probably”, “the last kilometer” problem is not solved for a long time.This makes the government not only invest the cost, but also cannot harvest the expected governance effect.In the decisive period of completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, in order to overcome the “short board” effect in social governance, we must replace the previous extensive and empirical management thinking with the idea of “refinement”.



The refinement of social governance has three basic requirements:


It is “extensive type” change of management thought.Fine governance does not pursue subversive reform, but focuses on deepening the fine content and improving the way to achieve a higher level of governance for the accumulation of state.At the same time, we should overcome the disadvantage of being responsible for the top rather than the bottom caused by the “official orientation”, shape the service concept, attach importance to humanistic care, take the need of “people” as the starting point and final destination of public policy making and social management, improve the user experience of the public, and achieve the goal of “not focusing on the small but not doing the small”.


Second, management service details.We need to make social governance “fine” and “small” and focus on people, that is, on their lives and their quality of life.”To be careful” means that social governance starts from People’s Daily life;”Doing small things” means that social governance focuses on small problems. It means starting from small things, such as pension, community security and community environment.


Third, implementation framework standardization.It is the key to the government social management refinement, there is the standard to make explicit managers and the service provider’s work, to meticulous management idea through the concrete operation standard to a practical level, to provide effective supervision and management behavior and service effect and evaluation basis, promote the governance effect of constantly updated.


In general, the refinement of social governance requires not only the provision of universal and standardized services, but also the provision of personalized services for special needs, which puts forward double requirements for the details and standardization of management and services.

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  • Improving social governance is an important issue in every stage of social development

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