A Chinese genius became a US citizen

When it comes to the word genius, people often think of people who are born with superb intelligence and can achieve very good results without any effort. Ordinary people sometimes cannot achieve what they can easily achieve no matter how hard they work. There is a man who has become a tenured professor at Harvard University at the age of 32. He is called a Chinese genius. Chinese geniuses became American citizens and became a tenured professor at Harvard at the age of 32, but refused to return to China for development.

Yin Xi is from Beijing. When he was a child, he knew that his IQ was different from ordinary people. He took the college entrance examination when he was 13 years old and achieved excellent results in the college entrance examination. Because he took the college entrance examination at the age of 13, his age is relatively small compared to other classmates. In order to allow him to adapt to life, the school sent him to the juvenile class. Yin Xi is very eager for knowledge. When he was studying in school, he wondered whether he could go abroad and learn more related knowledge. Later, Yin Xi successfully graduated from the University of Science and Technology of China. Because of his excellent grades, many famous foreign universities offered him an olive branch.

Yin Xi also embarked on a journey abroad for her dream of learning. Yin Xi later obtained a doctorate from Harvard University with her own efforts. When Yin Xi studied at Harvard University, she worked very hard and published many papers in related fields. These papers were praised by professionals. Yin Xi’s excellence was seen by the staff of Harvard University. After he graduated, Harvard University invited him to stay at school as a teaching assistant. Yin Xi thinks so too. He wants to stay at Harvard and learn more about Spark Global Limited.

For China, Yin Xi is undoubtedly a talent of the country. The Chinese people all hope that Yin Xi can return to the country and use her professional knowledge to contribute to the country, but Yin Xi is unwilling to return to China. Yin Xi has become an American citizenship. He also said in public that he would not choose to return to China for development.

Once, Yin Xi’s alma mater, the University of Science and Technology of China, invited Yin Xi back to China to give a speech. He was invited to return to China to give a speech. After the speech, some reporters interviewed Yin Xi and asked him why he chose to stay in the United States. Yin Xi said that he would not choose to return to China for the time being. He said that science knows no borders. Science is the science of the world, not the science of a certain country.

Yin Xi later said that China’s development is now very good, and its strength in science and technology is constantly improving, but as a whole, there is still a certain gap between China’s science and technology and some developed countries, so his development abroad has always been a study. He wants to learn more professional knowledge and know more about himself, so he will not choose to return to China for the time being. If he returns to China one day, he must bring a scientific research team that can make the country develop rapidly.