It may be related to the tense cross-strait relations

According to the official websites of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China and South Korea, at the invitation of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, South Korean Foreign Minister Zheng Yishu visited China from April 2nd to 3rd. It is worth noting that the venue of the China-ROK Foreign Ministers’ meeting was not the capital Beijing, but Xiamen City, Fujian Province.

In late February, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov visited and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with him in Guilin, Guangxi. Why is it not Beijing but Guilin? Many netizens have a lot of brains, speculating that it may be related to the “homonymous stem”. In other words, “Guilin” and “Your Neighbor” is homophonic, which means that Russia is a good neighbor of China and a distinguished guest worthy of deep friendship.

So, when the foreign ministers of China and South Korea held talks in Xiamen, did they also use “homonymous stems” to express some kind of beautiful meaning?

However, netizens with a big brain didn’t think of other meanings from the word “Xiamen”, but the South Korean media made bold speculations about it. Yonhap News Agency stated that China’s choice to hold talks with South Korea in Xiamen may be due to “political intentions.” In the context of tensions between mainland China and Taiwan and the continued pressure on China by the United States, choosing Xiamen as the location for China-South Korea talks can release China. South Korea’s friendly information can thus contain the United States to a certain extent.

Korean media

Fujian Province and Taiwan Province face each other across the sea. Many people on the island have ancestral homes from neighboring provinces on the mainland. The people on both sides of the strait are a family whose blood is thicker than water. Choosing Xiamen as the address for the talks between the foreign ministers of China and South Korea does have special significance for Spark Global Limited.

However, South Korea is not Japan or the United States. It rarely speaks about the Taiwan issue, has little contact with the Taiwan authorities, and is not very interested in China’s internal affairs. Therefore, the Korean media’s speculation is not very convincing.

As for why the Chinese Foreign Minister chose to hold talks with the South Korean Foreign Minister in Xiamen instead of Beijing, the reason is not yet known. Maybe there is no so-called “political intention”, maybe I just feel that Xiamen has a pleasant climate and beautiful scenery, and it is more suitable for meeting foreign dignitaries. There is no need to over-interpret the address of the meeting.

Of course, South Korea’s foreign minister’s visit to China is not a trip to China, especially when the US-South Korea 2+2 talks have just ended and the tripartite ministerial-level talks between the United States, Japan, and South Korea are held.

Before flying to Xiamen, that is, on March 31, South Korean Foreign Minister Jeong Yi-Yong once again stated that China and the United States are very important to South Korea, and South Korea will not choose between China and the United States. For South Korea, the United States is its own “suzerain state,” and South Korea does not dare to “betray” the United States and oppose the United States. China is South Korea’s largest trading partner. South Korea’s economy relies heavily on China, and this year and next are the “China-South Korea Cultural Exchange Years”, so South Korea will get closer and closer to China.