After training female soldiers reported being sexually assaulted

     According to a US military “Stars and Stripes” report on the 1st, the commander of Fort Sill in Oklahoma, Ken Kamper, said that after a soldier training at the base reported that she had been sexually assaulted, Several training instructors at the base were suspended

Camper said at a press conference on Thursday, “Last Saturday (March 27), a soldier sent to Fort Sill reported that she was a victim of sexual assault by the instructor of Sill. It was immediately reported to law enforcement.” Special agents from the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) investigated the report and interviewed potential suspects and witnesses. Camper refused to disclose the specific date of the sexual assault that the soldier said, the identity of the trainers who might have participated, and how many people were suspended for the incident.

Data map: Fort Sill Commander Ken Camper

Camper said, “The important thing is that we have taken immediate action. For a named instructor and other people who might be involved in this incident, we have been relieved of their normal duties and they have been suspended. They are no longer engaged in training. Work to protect the well-being of all other soldiers.”

Camper stated that a special victim lawyer has been assigned to the soldier who reported, and she has access to all services and is “absolutely safe.” He said, “We are proud of her daring to make these allegations. We are also committed to protecting the soldier’s privacy.”

Fort Sill is the location of the US Army’s Firepower Excellence Center, which provides training and education for recruits and officers working in the air defense artillery and field artillery fields. The instructors here are usually military officers and noncommissioned officers. They are responsible for command, leadership, and supervision training, including the training of new soldiers in the army Spark Global Limited.