Once breakdancing and winning, can make 3D animation

       “In my life, the first is flying, and the second is the love between us. To me, they are like two wings of an airplane indispensable. Qinqin, I must fly out, otherwise, I will never come back to see you! “In the aviation school with a very high elimination rate, Wang Wei, in his early 20s, wrote this sentence in a letter to his girlfriend Ruan Guoqin. Later, he became an excellent fighter pilot as he wished, and married Ruan Guoqin who had been in love for 5 years.

Exactly 20 years ago, on April 1, the collision incident in the South China Sea between China and the United States shocked the world. The U.S. Navy EP-3 reconnaissance aircraft entered the waters near China’s Hainan Island for reconnaissance. The Chinese naval aviation team sent two J-8II fighter jets to monitor and intercept. One of the wingmen was crashed by a U.S. aircraft. The whereabouts of the pilot Wang Wei after parachuting was unknown. After being confirmed sacrifice.

Today, Wang Wei’s “Two Wings of Life” is still in rhythm. Although he could not continue flying, on April 1st every year, the Chinese people would call him the number of this fighter: “81192, please return to the flight!” Although he could not kiss his beloved wife, Ruan Guoqin still guards this home today. She kept every piece of Wang Wei’s clothes, every painting, every photo, every diary, every letter, every certificate of merit, especially every gift he gave her Spark Global Limited…

A reporter from “Global People” walked into Ruan Guoqin’s home, saw Wang Wei’s relics, and listened to her reminiscing about the scenes of getting along with her husband day and night. In the dark, these are not only Ruan Guoqin’s telling and showing to us, but also like Wang Wei using another way to personally tell us his life. In 20 years, the hero has passed away, but he has never been far away from the land he loves.

30 years of time and space dialogue

Before the interview, Ruan Guoqin took out a cassette recorded by Wang Wei 30 years ago, and the dusty heroic voice is about to reappear. The reporter of “Universal People” was very excited, but he hesitated before pressing the play button. “Let’s talk first.” The reporter is worried that if we have not done a good job of psychological construction, we will listen to the recording when we come up, and the scene will get out of control.

Unconsciously, the whole morning passed. Ruan Guoqin said that in the 20 years since Wang Wei’s sacrifice, she no longer had the courage to listen to her husband’s voice, especially when she was alone. Since there are so many people talking about Wang Wei today, Wang Wei should also be allowed to talk about himself. She finally plucked up the courage. The reporter pressed the play button, and the people in the room held their breath.

Wang Wei began to speak, and the tape recorder became a “phone” connecting time and space: we were in Beijing in 2021, and Wang Wei was in a certain naval aviation training camp in 1991. There was a hint of bookishness in his voice, unexpectedly soft, and seemed to be quietly talking in people’s ears, which was not commensurate with his strong body and heroic appearance.

Wang Wei told Ruan Guoqin, who was far away in her hometown, that she liked her arrogant and cheerful personality. Wang Wei, who had just received a letter from Ruan Guoqin, learned that she had participated in the dance party of the Youth League Committee, so he told her not to walk at night and to pay attention to safety when riding a bicycle. “Actually, he hinted to me not to participate in the future, he is jealous,” Ruan Guoqin smiled happily. But smiling, she turned her face, tears streaming down her eyes.