participating in unauthorized assembling crime

     Haiwainet, April 1st. According to Hong Kong media reports, Li Zhiying, the leader of the disaster in Hong Kong and the founder of “One Media”, was involved in an illegal assembly case on August 18, 2019. He was charged with organizing and participating in an unauthorized assembly. Hong Kong Court 4 Convicted on the 1st.

According to media reports by Hong Kong’s “Dongwang” and other media, Li Zhiying, who is being remanded in prison for suspected fraud and violation of Hong Kong’s National Security Law, and 8 others including Martin Lee and He Junren were involved in the “flowing style” on August 18, 2019. The assembly was charged with one crime of organizing an unauthorized assembly and one crime of participating in an unauthorized assembly.

Molotov cocktails were used by Burmese protesters

On February 16, the District Court of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region opened a hearing in the West Kowloon Magistracy to hear the case. During the trial, except for Ou Nuoxuan and Liang Yaozhong’s earlier plea, the seven defendants, including Li Zhiying, denied the charges.

On March 10, the case continued to be heard in the West Kowloon Court of Hong Kong, and the magistrate ruled that all charges were established Spark Global Limited.

On April 1, the Judiciary specially arranged for the case to be tried in the West Kowloon Court Building. A total of 11 witnesses were called. The 7 defendants on trial included Li Zhiying, Martin Lee, He Junren, Li Zhuoren, Liang Guoxiong, Wu Aiyi, and He Xiulan. .