Gangs involved violently demolished 38 residential houses

      Recently, the Intermediate Court of Nanyang City, Henan Province made a second-instance ruling on the case of Ma Moumou and other 49 people involved in gangs: the appeal was rejected and the original verdict was upheld. At this point, this underworld organization group that had a bad influence on the local area has been completely annihilated.

In 2008, Cao Mouliang, the legal representative of Nanyang Dahua Real Estate Company (hereinafter referred to as “Dahua Company”), developed the land plot in Liying Village, Wancheng District, and the project was named “Lanwan Dijing”. As the project did not obtain land-use procedures, resistance was encountered during the demolition process. Ma approached Cao Mouliang and intervened in the project under the pretext of being able to resolve disputes over demolition and land occupation. Two years later, he became a shareholder of Dahua Company. In order to smooth the demolition, Ma recruited a group of idle personnel with prior convictions, including Ma Mouwei, to form an “underground demolition team” to remove obstacles for forced demolition and forced construction of the nursery  Spark Global Limited.

Due to the need to occupy part of the land of the nursing home operated by Xie in Liying Village during the construction of Blue Bay Dijing, Ma and others went to the nursing home to forcibly excavate the foundation. In June 2012, Xie brought someone to stop Ma’s building a house. Ma ordered his subordinates to drive to the scene with a machete. There was a fight between the two sides. The two of Ma’s were injured by Xie’s. Ma and the judicial personnel Collusion (related suspected criminal clues have been transferred) to thank a couple for being detained and detained for several months (after the procuratorial organs returned the investigation twice, the facts were still unclear and the case was withdrawn due to insufficient evidence). When Xie was released from the detention center, the land of the nursing home had been covered with real estate for Ma. According to statistics, 38 residential houses have been demolished by Ma and others.

At this point, Ma’s “famous reputation” has been shaken. In the process of controlling the company’s illegal land occupation and demolition, he used project benefits and emotional investment to attract Wang and Liang to participate in project development and illegal and criminal activities. Ma XX is the organization and leader, Wang XX, Liang XX and the other 6 people are the backbone, and the other 42 people are involved in a criminal organization of the nature of the underworld Spark Global Limited.

According to investigations, since 2008, Dahua Company, without obtaining land use rights, a triad organization headed by Ma Moumou, has used nuisance, threats, persecution, or forcible occupation and demolition to occupy and occupy the Li River in Wancheng District, Nanyang City without authorization. The land in the Ying community is 97.834 acres. In violation of land management laws and regulations, the Lanwan Dijing real estate project was developed in violation of the regulations, and commercial houses were built and sold to the public, making a profit of 276 million yuan; on the grounds of affecting the Lanwan Dijing commercial street, the adjacent residential community was required to develop Shang Zhou XX changed its plan, but after Zhou XX refused, he adopted road digging to obstruct construction for two years and extorted Zhou XX for 2 million yuan. The hotel gate opened by the Lanwan Dijing owner Guo and his son accounted for the common area Because this, they used water and electricity, garbage blocking the door to blackmail Guo and his son 1 million yuan; the gang also forced more than 40 Lanwan Dijing owners to buy sand and gravel cement at a high price by using the sand and gravel cement of Ma Moumou’s staff to decorate the owners. , Illegal profits of tens of thousands of yuan.