“The Ugliest Post-00 Girls Group in History” How is it now?

    Before the curtain was opened, Abby trembled nervously, “like a knife around her neck.” Cindy and Dora were standing on either side of her. The black sequined skirt was fluorescing in the dark, and the staff was counting down. The fans in the audience screamed, “C King!” “Abby!” “Dora!” Heatwaves came and went one after another.

The curtain opened and the white light came down. The three girls stood on the stage and danced. The opening dance was “lonely and painful”. The dazzling light penetrated their eyes, and the lights surrounded them into a lonely island, Abby said. Standing on the stage, she couldn’t see the crowd waving their arms under the stage. Fans screamed. The three girls were soaked in warm and warm gaze. Halfway through the singing, they shed tears. The brilliant stage lights tempered them into real idols. This is the first concert of the 3unshine group. They have rarely received pure praise after their debut for five years.

In 2015, five ordinary girls from Bozhou No. 3 Middle School in Anhui formed the women’s group Sunshine. They became famous for their ugliness with a set of “spicy eyes” artistic photos. In 2016, two members were humiliated and abused. Unable to withstand the pressure to quit the combination, the remaining 3 girls changed their agency and changed their name to 3unshine.

In the past few years, the girls wandered around Beijing in a state of poverty. They were on the back of the red carpet of the entertainment industry. They were materially barren and mentally confused. In the entertainment industry where beauty is the highest aspiration, girls who are famous for their ugliness bear and counter the gaze of the audience. They survive as rare samples of girl groups and become idols of the minority.

In early 2021, they plan to release their second album and prepare to tour.

“After 00, the ability to sing and dance girl group”

In a somewhat remote cultural industry park outside the East Fifth Ring Road in Beijing, three girls put on makeup all morning in response to the arrival of the media. Cindy wore a bright yellow sling in a denim jacket, her eyeliner flew up, and one foot On the other leg, the maroon socks that had been rolled by the agent were exposed. Abby was wearing a baseball cap and pressed down some faded hair. Dora’s slender figure was dangling in the red sweater. All the girls in the lens were magnified. This kind of female star-like skinny. They crooked on the sofa to eat McDonald’s, who stood firmly on the opposite side of the female celebrity.

“Our main tour this time is post-00s, strength, singing and dancing, idols, women’s groups-100% live, you have recorded it, it is very accurate!” Zhang Kailun added, “The title is “3unshine, the best in China”. Powerful Women’s Team”, isn’t this very explosive?” Zhang Kailun, the owner and agent of the 3unshine group, showed excitement for the first time in the half-hour interview. He put a few keywords together. The three girls heard it for the first time and laughed together. Captain Abby After listening to “big head”, “but think about it carefully, the post-00s are also right, singing and dancing, idols are also right, it’s all right to take apart Spark Global Limited!”

I think of the stage of “Little Blue Dragon” where they had a slight car accident on “Creation 101” three years ago, “Do you think you have the strength?” “We are the most powerful women’s group in singing and dancing after 00. Can you give an example that is better than us?” Zhang Kailun asked rhetorically. A few people have gone through the women’s groups that are currently active in the entertainment industry. The ones with strength are not as young as them, and the younger ones are almost extinct.