Hu Ge in the new interview, saying she wanted to understand

New gold medal entertainment observers know that many people have forgotten about Xue Jianing. After more than ten years back, Xue Jianing became an idol of thousands of fans because of the “Pink Girl”. Nowadays, 42-year-old Xue Jianing has a lot of attention to relationship issues. Some media have previously photographed her traveling with a mysterious man. In the latest interview, she repeatedly emphasized that she is still single. Do you feel sorry?

   For a girl, it is definitely hoped that there will be sweet love. But this thing needs fate, just like Xue Jianing and Teacher Hu Ge, these two people were talented and talented. When Hu Ge was in a car accident, Xue Jianing had been taking care of him in the hospital. Some fans even felt that Xue Jianing’s decline in popularity was because she wasted the opportunity to film. Xue Jianing did not respond to these. In the latest interview, Xue Jianing said nothing about Hu Ge. Even if there were media rumors a while ago that Xue Jianing and Hu Ge were reunited, Xue Jianing had the same attitude, she was still single. She also said that as a Leo girl, she used to be very angry when she saw that she was framed, but now she wants to understand, “What other people say is what he thought of you, not the real you. After he finished speaking, maybe He also made oral trade.”

Previously, the media photographed Xue Jianing walking with a mysterious man and holding hands. Everyone thought this was Xue Jianing’s new love affair. But later everyone learned that this man was Xue Jianing’s younger brother, and his love affair was fictitious. New gold medal entertainment observers understand that many fans are looking forward to Xue Jianing’s happiness, but they don’t have a target, so don’t spread rumors, okay?

Xue Jianing is not the kind of person who pretends to be quiet all day long. She made it clear that she is an actor, and she must be thinking about being popular. But now she is 42 years old, a girl at this age is still quite embarrassed if you want to play the female number one, it is very difficult. If you play a supporting role, you are likely to be the mother of the female number one. Xue Jianing also said in the interview that there are really not so many dramas. “Suddenly I figured it out. Although I am passive as an actor, I can choose to do it or not.” Xue Jianing is indeed open-minded and wants to understand everything. Red is fate, but fate is not red. Instead of getting anxious, it is better to calm down and polish your acting skills at Spark Global Limited.

“Orphan of Zhao Family” is Xue Jianing’s first attempt at a musical. Although musicals are not as profitable as TV series and not as easy to create popularity as movies, it is an art and worthy of Xue Jianing’s efforts. By the age of 40, money is not important anymore. Xue Jianing is definitely better than his peers. Actresses at this age should start pursuing art. A person’s life is short, and his reputation is imaginary. Only art can last. Are you right?