He has already met the parents of both parties

        On March 29, Wei Wei’s youngest son, Wei Ziluan, posted on social platforms his fun with his girlfriend. He and his girlfriend went to the island for vacation, enjoying the beautiful scenery and enjoying the time of the two at the same time. The two walked hand in hand. On the street, very affectionate. When his girlfriend took pictures of Wei Ziluan, he smiled very happily, with a good-looking face. Behind him was the sun and the sea, and the scenery was charming. It can be seen from the surrounding environment that their vacation life is excellent, the room facilities they live in are very luxurious, and they have a large independent swimming pool.

At the end of last year, Wei Ziluan officially announced the relationship by taking a group photo. The wife was sweet and had a good face. According to Wei Ziluan, the two parties also met with each other’s family and got along well. Perhaps Wei Wei will be a mother-in-law soon. In recent years, Wei Wei has retired from the music scene, and more often enjoys family life, such as attending the graduation ceremony of his eldest son and sending flowers to his son. Last Spring Festival, Wei Wei and his sons had dinner. Both the eldest son and the younger son took pictures with their mother. Wei Wei was wearing traditional clothes and tied up all his hair, showing signs of time on his face.

On that day, they ate Chinese dishes, using tableware that combines Chinese and Western styles. The living room in the mansion was suspended with crystal lamps. There was various solid wood furniture decorated with fresh lilies, and the decoration was luxurious and ethnic. Of the three children, the youngest son Wei Ziluan inherited Wei Wei’s career path-making music. Wei Ziluan, 22 years old this year, described himself as a singer in his profile. He likes to play and sing and enjoys himself very much Spark Global Limited.

As a singer, Wei Ziluan still has some gaps between his musical achievements and his mother. Wei Wei, 57 years old this year, became famous in the 1980s. At the age of 23, Wei Wei won the second prize in the popular category of the “Qing Song Competition” and officially entered the music circle. After his debut, Wei Wei successively released “Asian Heroes” and “Dedication of Love” and other epoch hits, which became an instant hit and were praised by the media.

“China’s Whitney Houston”.

Although Wei Wei’s career path was smooth sailing, her marriage path was a bit bumpy. In 1994, Wei Wei entered the marriage hall with foreign pianist Michael. After marriage, her husband showed a strong desire to control Wei Wei. From playing the piano to dressing up, Wei Wei must be restrained. This gave Wei Wei the idea of ​​divorce. However, the other party did not agree. Not only did they detain Wei Wei and the children’s passports, but also threatened her personally, and even tampered with her car. During that time, Wei Wei lived in fear. Until 2004, Wei Wei successfully divorced and returned to China with his son.